Sabong – Betting Odds and Payouts in Philippine Sabong

Sabong, or cockfighting, is a traditional practice in the Philippines, rooted in the pre-Spanish era. It is significant social and economic in many communities and highlights the complex and multifaceted nature of Filipino culture. Join Phbet to refer to sabong tips through the following article!


Key Terms Sabong in Philippines

  • Sabong: a Filipino term for cockfighting, a traditional contest where two specially bred roosters fight, often to the death.
  • Sabungan: The designated arena or cockpit where matches take place.
  • Pamamasyal: The pre-fight display of gamecocks, allowing spectators to assess their condition and place bets.
  • Sentensyador: The referee in the match oversees the fight and declares a winner.
  • Kristo: The individual who facilitates and records bets from the audience during an event.
  • Llamado: The favored rooster in a match.
  • Dejado: The underdog rooster in a match.
  • Ganador: The victorious rooster in a match.
  • Tari or gaff: The artificial spur or blade attached to the rooster’s leg for fighting.
  • Talpak: Placing a bet on a gamecock in online sabong.
  • Sipa’t Kilatis: is a traditional practice of physically examining a gamecock’s build and demeanor to assess its fighting potential before placing a bet.
  • Trabesiya: A bet placed on a match.
  • Logro: An agreed-upon amount for a bet (e.g., Logro lo’dyis, logro pusham).
  • Sahod: The person accepting a bet offered by another individual.
  • Meron: The side designated for the rooster with higher odds or the favored position.
  • Wala: The side designated for the rooster with lower odds or the underdog position.
  • Diga: A hand signal used to communicate the amount of a bet.
  • Sultada: The actual cockfighting match where roosters fight and bets are settled.

Sabong in the Philippines: History and Culture

Cockfighting is an exciting tradition in the Philippines. It’s been around for a very long time, even before the Spanish arrived in the 1500s! Over the years, sabong has changed just like the country, becoming a mix of old and new. Let’s learn where it came from, why it is important to Filipinos, and the special words and ways they use in the sport.


Betting Basics in Philippine Sabong

Betting, known as ‘Trabesiya,’ is a central element of the Sabong experience. It has its own specialized language and customs. The ‘Logro’ is the agreed-upon amount someone is willing to wager, and the ‘Sahod’ is the person who accepts the bet if they aren’t the one setting the odds. The terms ‘Meron’ and ‘Wala’ designate the sides for the favored and underdog roosters, respectively.

To keep things discreet, bettors use a hand signal called ‘Diga’ to reveal their wager amount.  The climax of the betting process is the ‘Sultada,’ the actual cockfight where wagers are placed and the winner is determined.

Betting Odds and Payouts in Philippine Sabong

Sabong betting in the Philippines has its own special way of expressing odds. Terms like ‘Pusham’, ‘Lube’, ‘Siete dyis’, and ‘Doblado’ might sound confusing at first, but they each represent different odds and potential payouts.  Let’s break it down:

Logro o Pusta Capital Tatamaan
Parehas Meron / Wala 100 100
Pusyam 90 100
Lube 80 90
Siete dyis 70 100
Lo’dyis 80 100
Walo-anim 60 80
Onse’ 80 110
Tres 100 150
Sampu-Anim 60 100
Doblado 100 200

By familiarizing yourself with the information in the table, you can navigate the betting process in Sabong more confidently and accurately.


Things to remember when betting (Trabesiya):

Betting in Sabong can be fun, but it’s smoother if you know the basics. Keep these tips in mind when placing your bets:

  • Setting the Bet:  You offer to bet 1000 php on the favored rooster. If you win, you get back your 1000 php plus another 1000 php in winnings.
  • The ‘Sahod’ Advantage: Someone offers a bet of 400 php on the underdog, with certain odds. You accept as the ‘Sahod’. If the underdog wins, you could get a total of 500 php.
  • Clear Communication: Example: You use the ‘Diga’ signal for 500 php and repeatedly say “500, Meron!” to confirm the bet amount and side.
  • Know Your Winnings: Example: Your bet on the underdog wins, and the odds were set at ‘Siete Dyis.’ You should receive roughly 350 php as your winnings (your initial 500 php bet is returned, too).
  • Responsible Spending: You bring 2000 php. Keep some aside for potential change or small snacks, don’t bet it all at once!

Cockfighting is a special part of the Philippines. This old tradition shows how Filipinos mix the past with the present. It helps people connect with each other, and even helps the economy in many places. Cockfighting tells us a lot about what it means to be Filipino.

Economic Benefits of Sabong

Cockfighting plays a big role in the economy of many Philippine communities. People betting on the fights is a major source of income. Breeding and raising strong roosters is a whole industry, creating jobs on farms, in training centers, and even for vets and feed sellers.

Sabong events draw crowds, boosting local businesses like restaurants, transportation, and hotels. The rise of online Cockfighting has amplified this effect, making betting more accessible and generating additional revenue through ads and memberships.

Breeding Fighting Roosters

The success of Cockfighting, a beloved Filipino tradition, hinges on dedicated breeders who raise strong, competitive roosters. This section explores popular breeds, the crucial care these birds need, and ethical techniques that secure the sport’s future.


Legendary Breeds of the Cockpit

Philippine Sabong breeders have perfected fierce and beautiful gamecock breeds over generations. Here’s a look at some of the legendary lines:

  • Hatch: Tough and aggressive little tanks.
  • Kelso: Clever and agile fighters, exploiting weaknesses.
  • Roundhead: Balanced fighters known for their calmness.
  • Talisayin (Talisay): Cunning and lightning-fast.
  • Sweater: Relentless attackers that never tire.
  • Dalusapi: Famous for graceful footwork and dodging.
  • Bulik (Dom): Powerful fighters with an eye-catching look.

Each breed brings its unique strengths to the Cockfighting arena. Master breeders preserve these bloodlines, striving to raise the ultimate fighting roosters.

Preparing Roosters for the Fight

Breeding alone doesn’t create Sabong champions. A strict routine of healthy diet, intense exercise, and specialized training is key to bringing out a rooster’s best. Skilled breeders understand that each bird is an individual, providing personal attention to enhance health and natural fighting instincts.

Ethical Breeding Techniques

  • Breeding Complexity: Breeding gamecocks blends modern science with tradition. Breeders select for agility, strength, temperament, and disease resistance.
  • Ethical Treatment: Proper nutrition, clean environments, and ethical treatment are fundamental to good breeding practices.
  • Blend of Old and New: Modern techniques complement traditional methods to ensure the continued success of Sabong breeding.

Iconic Arenas and Events

Sabong arenas and events are vital to Philippine culture. They provide a platform for the sport, fueling the local economy and tourism. Here’s a look at renowned arenas and major events:

Renowned Arenas:

  • Manila Cockpit Arena
  • Araneta Coliseum
  • Pasay City Cockpit
  • Iloilo Coliseum
  • New Davao Matina Gallera

Major Events:

  • World Slasher Cup (“Olympics of Cockfighting”)
  • Bakbakan Derby
  • World Gamefowl Expo

Online Sabong in the Philippines


The traditional Filipino sport has gone digital! Online platforms like PHbet offer these key features:

  • Easy Access: Watch live cockfighting matches and place bets easily from anywhere in the Philippines, or even around the world.
  • Keeping Tradition Alive: Online cockfighting helps preserve this centuries-old cultural practice for new generations.
  • Global Audience: Filipino cockfighting now has fans worldwide, expanding its community and showcasing the country’s culture.
  • Future Tech: Innovations like virtual reality and blockchain could make online cockfighting even more immersive and secure.

Important Note: Always choose regulated online cockfighting platforms and gamble responsibly.


Sabong has been around for a long time in the Philippines. It’s a popular tradition that people love, and now you can even watch and bet on fights online! Websites like PHbet offer a new way to enjoy this exciting sport, making it known all over the world.

Cockfighting might be changing, but the best parts stay the same. People still love the excitement of the competition and being part of a community. That’s why cockfighting will always be popular.